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Writing a scientific book, a thesis, or any other academic paper requires lots of research. The research could require spending lots of times at the library, or going through many different books. Now you have at your finger tips everything that you may require for your research without need to leave your desk. Scientillion lets you search scientific papers in many different fields such as physics, mathematics, statistics and other.

Scientillion makes searches through the arxiv, a repository of electronic preprints for searching scientific papers. It is used and endorsed by reputable universities such as Cornell University. Introduced in 2004, arxiv was specifically designed to provide content that is relevant and of interest to current research in specified discipline.

As a physicist, Scientillion is the perfect online research tool assistant. You not only save lots of time, but have at your disposition all the best scientific research papers from around the world available electronically. Search about general physics, superconductivity, Quantum physics, Plasma physics, Optics and Photonics, Soft matter, Condensed physics and more.

Arxiv has a repository with all the major works in physics and science from all over the world. With just one search through Scientillion any research being undertaken can be made a lot easier and less time consuming.

Do not waste any time searching articles, papers and publications any more. Here you will find them all a lot faster.

By October 2015 more than 2 million articles have been included in our index. Stay tuned!