The Scientillion Browser Adon for Firefox and Chrome

Integrate Scientillion directly in your browser and access our handsome search engine via our browser plugin.


Using Mozilla Firefox you can install our browser adon in a view simple steps:

1. Download the extension file onto your computer. These files will come from the download site that you choose. Open the folder that the files download into. For instance this folder is located in User/Owner/Downloads/NewFolder. Your folder downloads will vary based on your machine.

2. A. Click and drag the icon onto your Firefox browser. When dragging across the screen you will see a plus arrow form on the icon. When the plus arrow forms drop the icon.
B. Drop the icon onto the Firefox browser. You will see the following screen.

3. Click the Install button. Firefox will then show you that the extension has installed successfully.

4. Firefox will notify you that you have successful installed Scientillion. Now begin your search!


1. Download the google chrome extension onto your computer

2. Type chrome://extensions and paste into your google chrome web address field and press Enter.

3. Check the checkbox for Developer Mode

4. Drag and drop your download into the Window. You will see the box appear. Click Add. Thats it!