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Are you in need to find a particular formula? Do you spend hours on end at the library, go through lots of books? With Scientillion formula search, you can easily have access to the online formula booklet which lets you search for any formula of any discipline. Writing a thesis, a report, or any other academic paper can be performed quickly, saving you lots of time of having to look through many books.

Scientillion lets you make searches of formulas by writing text like for instance ‘ the theory of relativity’ or through what is known as an MBase system that applies matching patterns of underlying programming language to make search for OMDoc-encoded documents in the knowledge base. With Scientillion you can input millions of OMDoc codes to find the formula you are seeking.

There are not many formula search engine because the technicality of expressing the correct terminology into a computer understandable language can sometimes be complex. Scientillion is one of the few, that has been able to provide a search engine for finding many different types of formulas

You can reach and bookmark our complete physics formula collection also directly via the following link: Enjoy!

Looking for Basic Physics Formulas at High School Level?

You might want to try out the following collection which summarizes basic formulas from our archive which are usefull for high school and college physics: basic physics formulas. Let us know if you are missing something important here.

Probability Distributions

We also provide a list of the most important probability distributions from basic to advanced level. An good overview you can find here: probability distributions

Maths, Differentiation and Trigonometry

A collection of useful maths formulas for the day-by-day use: maths formulas. This chapter also includes power series, fourier transforms and correct error treatmenti.

And yes, our formulas are exportable

Physics formulas are easy to write manually but converting them into images to be inserted into scientific documents, PowerPoint presentations, and such can be trying unless you convert them first into mathematical equations in image form before copying to programs such as OpenOffice and Microsoft Word. So how can one create exportable formulas? By using our service to export the formulas you will need to any platform.
You can easily copy them to the formatas

Both MathML and Latex can convert scientific equations into exportable formulas, so there isn’t much of a problem when exporting them to various software programs. You can convert exportable formulas to PDF, RTF, Plain Text, HTML, and graphics such as vector and raster. The quality of the image will vary depending on whether you have chosen vector or raster.

Regardless of what type of scientific formulas you want to convert into exportable formats, both Latex and MathML are worth using as they speed up the process of creating exportable file formats for your equation. If you want to simplify your work, take advantage of our services to