Tips and Tricks

Special queries to optimize your search results

Author Search

If you want to search for articles by a certain author only without including the full text you can do so by using our special author search feature. Just begin your query with #author. An example for a full query would be:

#author Firstname Lastname

Hidden Widgets and our Smart Statistics Tools

Mathematical quantities are part of our lives whether you like it or not. But it is hard to remember all the formulas in your head. The good news is that Scientillion provides you with smart tools for your day by day tasks. Now it is much easier to calculate mathematical quantities with the use of the little widgets in the page.
There are some mathematical quantities that we use in our day to day lives. The problem is that there are too many that it can be hard at times to remember the formulas to find them. Now there is a tool that lets you search for commonly used quantities. These smart tools are perfect for anyone who works with mathematical quantities daily. Below are some examples of mathematical quantities that you can find in Scientillion.

Fulltext Search for the PubMed

Scientillion now also offers a fulltext search for PubMed database. If you want to apply an filter on PubMed articles just use the following entry page:
Pubmed Fulltext Search

External tools to deal with PDF Documents

We also provide a series of usefull tools which facilate the daily work with PDF documents. They can be used to convert between PDF and different formats, merge PDFs, extract the plain text content from PDF documents and so on. Parts of them are are also used within our search engine. All of these tools are available online for free:

combine PDF | Compress PDF | PDF to Text |