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Poisson Distribution
Poisson formula


Calculation and Estimation of the Poisson kernel
...We provide a simple method for obtain boundary asymptotics of the Poisson kernel on a domain in $\RR^N$....
Steven G. Krantz

Black hole entropy from Poisson brackets (demystification of some calculations))
...Recently it has been suggested by S. Carlip that black hole entropy can be derived from a central charge of the Virasoro algebra arising as a subalgebra in the surface deformations of General Relativity in any dimension. Here it is shown that the arg...
Vladimir O. Soloviev

Logarithmic Poisson cohomology: example of calculation and application to prequantization
...In this paper, we introduce the notions of logarithmic Poisson structure and logarithmic principal Poisson structure; we prove that the latter induces a representation by logarithmic derivation of the module of logarithmic Kahler differentials; there...
Joseph Dongho

Fast calculation of boundary crossing probabilities for Poisson processes
...The boundary crossing probability of a Poisson process with $n$ jumps is a fundamental quantity with numerous applications. We present a fast $O(n^2 \log n)$ algorithm to calculate this probability for arbitrary upper and lower boundaries....
Amit Moscovich-Eiger, Boaz Nadler

Accurate, robust and reliable calculations of Poisson Boltzmann binding energies
...Poisson-Boltzmann (PB) model is one of the most popular implicit solvent models in biophysical modeling and computation. The ability of providing accurate and reliable PB estimation of electrostatic solvation free energy, $\Delta G_{\text{el}}$, and ...
Duc D. Nguyen, Bao Wang, Guo-wei Wei

Exploring a coarse-grained distributive strategy for finite-difference Poisson–Boltzmann calculations
...We have implemented and evaluated a coarse-grained distributive method for finite-difference Poisson\u2013Boltzmann (FDPB) calculations of large biomolecular systems. This method is based on the electrostatic focusing principle of decomposing a large...
Meng-Juei Hsieh, Ray Luo

A survey of the parallel performance and the accuracy of Poisson solvers for electronic structure calculations
...We present an analysis of different methods to calculate the classical electrostatic Hartree potential created by charge distributions. Our goal is to provide the reader with an estimation on the performance ---in terms of both numerical complexity a...
Pablo García-Risueño, Joseba Alberdi-Rodriguez, Micael J. T. Oliveira, Xavier Andrade, Michael Pippig

Sensitivity Calculations for the Poisson s Equation via the Adjoint Field Method
...Adjoint field methods are both elegant and efficient for calculating sensitivity information required across a wide range of physics-based inverse problems. Here we provide a unified approach to the derivation of such methods for problems whose physi...
Alireza Aghasi, Eric L. Miller

Negative Poisson s ratios in few layer orthorhombic arsenic from first principles calculations
...A material exhibiting a negative Poisson s ratio is always one of the leading topics in materials science, which is due to the potential applications in those special areas such as defence and medicine. In this letter, we demonstrate a new material, ...
Jianwei Han, Jiafeng Xie, Z. Y. Zhang, D. Z. Yang, M. S. Si

Evaluation of three methods for calculating statistical significance when incorporating a systematic uncertainty into a test of the background only hypothesis for a Poisson process
...Hypothesis tests for the presence of new sources of Poisson counts amidst background processes are frequently performed in high energy physics (HEP), gamma ray astronomy (GRA), and other branches of science. While there are conceptual issues already ...
Robert D. Cousins, James T. Linnemann, Jordan Tucker

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