About Us

Although relatively new in its inception, Scientillion has already been operating and used in over 20 countries worldwide. A search engine with a difference, Scientilion was built with a commitment to aid scientific research through an easier and faster interface. Within a short while Scientillion turned into a popular research search engine providing holistic academic and scientific content in all arenas of work. Our main focus is on quantitative science at the moment but other disciplines will follow soon. The aim of Scientillion is to provide a knowledge based search engine that provides great results with maximum clarity. We are working hard on making it a single source for factual queries.

Providing a much more broadened search matter, Scientillion has opened up avenues for scholars, scientists, students and publishers new avenue of search that scour not only databases but also in-depth material as well.

Backed by our creative team Scientillions deep search algorithm provides access to remote publication and articles and also reaches into formulas and information that is not usually provided by normal search engines. Thus every scientific researcher will always gain an edge when using Scientillions smart search engine. There are only few search engines that allow formula searches because they are not able to render mathematical syntax properly, but Scientillion uses a new technique which supports both text and code rendering.

Defining features of Scientillion

With access to a number of databases including Pubmed indexing and articles, Scientillion also works through ArXiv one of the most popular repositories of scholarly e-print articles designed to provide an extensive amount of academic material to researchers online.

At Scientillion, we are your physicists online. With a website based upon the convenience of physics and scientific study, Scientilion provides effective tools for assistance in mathematical calculations and formulas. Our extensive database of formulas, equations and constants provides faster and time effective research work where you need no require navigating to external means for similar requirements. Scientillion is your one stop shop for every scientific and academic need.

If you are in the process of writing any type of academic material especially in the field of science, you will no doubt find Scientillion one of the best resources to aid you in your work. With Scientillion, you won’t have to refer to a whole load of books and manuscripts because you will find them all her at Scientillion. With easy access to more than a million articles online, Scientillion provides you a very valuable resource for research and straight-forward access to publications and papers.

Last but not least your feedback is more than welcome! Since the project is still in its beta phase we are eager to receive your feedback to adapt Scientillion to all your personal needs.