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Significance Calculator

The significance of using the Newcomb Benford law as a test of nuclear half life calculations
...Half-life number sequences collected from nuclear data charts are found to obey the Newcomb-Benford law. Based on this fact, it has been suggested recently, that this law should be used to test the quality of nuclear decay models. In this paper we br...
Janos Farkas, Gyorgy Gyurky

Significance Calculation and a New Analysis Method in Searching for New Physics at the LHC
...The LHC experiments have great potential in discovering many possible new particles up to the TeV scale. The significance calculation of an observation of a physics signal with known location and shape is no longer valid when either the location or t...
Yongsheng Gao, Liang Lu, Xinlei Wang

Evaluation of three methods for calculating statistical significance when incorporating a systematic uncertainty into a test of the background only hypothesis for a Poisson process
...Hypothesis tests for the presence of new sources of Poisson counts amidst background processes are frequently performed in high energy physics (HEP), gamma ray astronomy (GRA), and other branches of science. While there are conceptual issues already ...
Robert D. Cousins, James T. Linnemann, Jordan Tucker

An efficient method for statistical significance calculation of transcription factor binding sites
...\nVarious statistical models have been developed to describe the DNA binding preference of transcription factors, by which putative transcription \nfactor binding sites (TFBS) can be identified according to scores assigned. Statistical significance o...
Ziliang Qian, Lingyi Lu, Liu Qi, Yixue Li

FormCalc 8: Better Algebra and Vectorization
...We present Version 8 of the Feynman-diagram calculator FormCalc. New features include in particular significantly improved algebraic simplification as well as vectorization of the generated code. The Cuba Library, used in FormCalc, features checkpoin...
B. Chokoufe Nejad, T. Hahn, J. -N. Lang, E. Mirabella

The Significance of Body Mass Index in Calculating the Cut-Off Points for Low Muscle Mass in the Elderly: Methodological Issues
...\nObjectives. Cut-off points (COPs) for appendicular lean mass (ALM) index, essential to define low muscle mass (LMM) in the elderly, have never been officially defined for Poland. The aim of the study was to establish them. Additionally, the signifi...
Roma Krzymińska-Siemaszko, Natasza Czepulis, Aleksandra Suwalska, Lechoslaw B. Dworak, Anna Fryzowicz

Prediction error and accuracy of intraocular lens power calculation in pediatric patient comparing SRK II and Pediatric IOL Calculator
...Despite growing number of intraocular lens power calculation formulas, there is no evidence that these formulas have good predictive accuracy in pediatric, whose eyes are still undergoing rapid growth and refractive changes. This study is intended to...
Azlyn-Azwa Jasman, Bakiah Shaharuddin, Raja-Azmi M Noor, Shatriah Ismail, Zulkifli A Ghani

An atmospheric radiation model for Cerro Paranal. I. The optical spectral range
...The Earth's atmosphere affects ground-based astronomical observations.Scattering, absorption, and radiation processes deteriorate the signal-to-noiseratio of the data received. For scheduling astronomical observations it is,therefore, important to ac...

Cosmological constraints from the CMB and Ly alpha forest revisited
...The WMAP team has recently highlighted the usefulness of combining the Ly-alpha forest constraints with those from the cosmic microwave background (CMB). This combination is particularly powerful as a probe of the primordial shape of the power spectr...
Uros Seljak, Patrick McDonald, Alexey Makarov

A pre–postintervention study to evaluate the impact of dose calculators on the accuracy of gentamicin and vancomycin initial doses
...Gentamicin and vancomycin are narrow-therapeutic-index antibiotics with potential for high toxicity requiring dose individualisation and continuous monitoring. Clinical decision support (CDS) tools have been effective in reducing gentamicin and vanco...
Anas Hamad, Gillian Cavell, James Hinton, Paul Wade, Cate Whittlesea

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